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Gate Repair Arlington

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We provide excellent repair services for your electric gate

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Our gate repairs are always guaranteed!

Your gate is designed to help keep out unwelcome guests, and when it isn’t completely secure, you need to give us a call.

For many other useful hints and informative suggestions about the care and maintenance of your gate, take a look at our tips section below.

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Prevention is better than cure

Simple DIY maintenance tasks could save you a lot of time and money. If you regularly service and maintain your gate, track and opener, you’ll quickly notice if a component is worn out or needs to be replaced. You can then get the repair done quickly, and not run the risk of damaging your gate any further.

Check the bolts and screws regularly

Your automated driveway gate moves quite a lot in the course of just one day. All those movements and vibrations might result in a few moving parts, such as screws becoming loose. Always check that these bolts and nuts are tight and secure to prevent them from getting stuck in the tracks, or causing other damage.