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Gate Openers

Going With an Operator

After getting your gate installed, the next thing that you will probably be entertaining is an opener/operator. By getting a gate opener installation you are essentially relieving yourself of the burden of having to manually pull or push your gates open or close. You're not only saving on physical energy spent but also time that you would otherwise waste on the endeavor. By getting an opener, you are now able to control your gate with a single button.

The Future is Automatic

The vision for futuristic technology is automation. Futurists have been saying this ever since people started inventing machines to make life easier. You would be happy to know that this dream is now easily achieved with the installation of automatic gate openers. If you're interested in getting one installed, call our company today and we'll provide you with the best one suited for your needs. If you already have one but it has stopped functioning, then call us up and we'll have a look. Count on us to find out what's happening. We'll check everything from the remote control down to the gates themselves. Once we find out what's causing your system to fail, we'll provide solutions to effectively fix the problems.

Possible Problems with Openers

Openers are very reliable pieces of equipment that are directly connected to the gates they open. This means that they are usually located outside and are subject to the ever changing weather conditions, among other potentially detrimental things. If you have an automated system, one cause of failure may be interference of harsh weather conditions on optical sensors. For non-automatic openers, a cause of failure may be the malfunctioning of worn out parts. It's good to remember that openers are both mechanical and electronic in nature, so damage to either aspect would produce a malfunction. If you're wondering, wear and tear does happen even to the best gate openers. There's no way around it, so if your setup is currently experiencing this, then call us up and have us take a look.

Gate Openers and Their Gates

When an opener is not functioning, you don't only take a look at the opener, you also should focus your attention on the gate itself. Even if your opener is A-OK, it will still not function properly if the gate it is trying to open is loose from its posts because of broken hinge welds. Call our company right away if you're in need of some gate repair to keep things running perfectly. We can reinforce loose or broken hinges with correctly applied welds. If they are too damaged to even salvage, we can also replace them with stronger ones.